Creative duo based in Bucharest specializing in photography, art direction, brand strategy, design and production across all platforms.

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That’s what they said

“Consistent, hard-working, quality design. No risk, only reward.” – Nathan Ciprick – Ency Management

Simple and elegant design as briefed for my photography business. The studio didn’t swap me with designs as other did, it had one simple clear vision and stuck with it. Thanks very much”. – Graham Jepson – Photographer

“Adrian est un vrai professionnel dans ses propositions, son engagement et dans sa disponibilité dans le projet. Un vrai plaisir de travailler avec un vrai pro! Merci d’avoir donner une vraie identité visuelle à mon produit! Dès que j’ai vu la proposition, j’ai vu le futur de ma socièté. Il as exprimé toute la quintescence de ma vision avec seulement 2 motifs. Du grand Art!”.

Moïse TOSSOU – CEO Easy Center Corp


“I love the simplicity of my new brand identity. The studio captured exactly what I was looking for and in all honesty, I didn’t know what that was. It is casual and approachable yet still refined. Such talent!”

Kimberley Giancaterino – Interior Designer


“Apart from being an excellent photographer, with really creative ideas for how to make the product or subject stand out, including innovative use of lighting, Maverick is great company, which makes it a lot of fun working with him.”

Alan Clark – Founder Cidru Clarks


“You know that feeling that you get when you’re working on a project with your best friends from college and it’s fun and thrilling but at the same time intense and challenging and you’re all looking forward to the end product but at the same time totally enjoying the process? Yea, that’s what it felt like obtaining my perfect headshots. It felt like I was having a wonderful time while at the same time doing excellent work. I would not only recommend wholeheartedly, but I, myself, will be back for more great times. Very grateful, thank you Mav & Adrian”

Raluca Sandra Moore


“I’m used of being behind the camera but I always enjoy the opportunity to be in front of it, especially when the guy behind the camera is more than just a person who snaps some pictures but someone you can talk about anything while feeling at ease and trusting him that he’ll offer the time that is needed to get those great shots.”

Alex Andries


Originalul nu are de-a face cu sensul sau semnificația, ci doar cu interpretarea, însă autenticitatea fiecărei fotografii evocă o energie aparte ce lasă în urma acea semnătură contemporană.”
Julia Petreanu

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