Great Times Studio, the brainchild of two passionate photographers, Maverick Whythe & Adrian Lazar, embodies our shared dedication to visual storytelling.

With each of us bringing over eight years of experience in the creative industry, we are committed to crafting unforgettable narratives for our clients. Through a harmonious blend of photography, videography, and creative direction, we bring depth and authenticity to every project.

Great Times Studio isn’t merely a name; it signifies our steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional results, every single time.

We are friendly
Great times are in our nature
We deliver
The extra mile is always covered
We are addicted to quality
Personality is the greatest quality of all
Need creative work?
Get in touch and we’ll sweep you off your feet

That’s what they said

“Consistent, hard-working, quality service. No risk, only reward.”

Nathan Ciprick – Ency Management


“Apart from being an excellent photographer, with really creative ideas for how to make the product or subject stand out, including innovative use of lighting, Maverick is great company, which makes it a lot of fun working with him.”

Alan Clark – Founder Cidru Clarks


“You know that feeling that you get when you’re working on a project with your best friends from college and it’s fun and thrilling but at the same time intense and challenging and you’re all looking forward to the end product but at the same time totally enjoying the process? Yea, that’s what it felt like obtaining my perfect headshots. It felt like I was having a wonderful time while at the same time doing excellent work. I would not only recommend wholeheartedly, but I, myself, will be back for more great times. Very grateful, thank you Mav & Adrian”

Raluca Sandra Moore


“I’m used of being behind the camera but I always enjoy the opportunity to be in front of it, especially when the guy behind the camera is more than just a person who snaps some pictures but someone you can talk about anything while feeling at ease and trusting him that he’ll offer the time that is needed to get those great shots.”

Alex Andries


“Originalul nu are de-a face cu sensul sau semnificația, ci doar cu interpretarea, însă autenticitatea fiecărei fotografii evocă o energie aparte ce lasă în urma acea semnătură contemporană.”

Julia Petreanu

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